Amma draws its creative energy from the fact that the name means mother in the colloquial Indian language. We have chosen this name because we believe that it can serve as a rich source of inspiration within the concept of a “mother” of creative ideas. So as the name suggests the brand is comprised by a fresh compilation of clothing ranges that are inspired by the global state of culture. The brand originates from Greece in the northern port city of Thessaloniki a long established center of fashion and textiles, where design and retailing activities are carried out at present time.


Amma maybe a fresh name but the company behind it has a history of nearly 30 years in
retailing through destination shops. In the evocative atmospherics of our shops we present an eclectic
merchandise mix comprising of clothing ranges in combined outfits and assorted accessories such as scarves, bags and shoes. The merchandise mix comes from small manufacturers located in Europe and Asia, whereby after years of cooperation we have developed personal relationships. The eclectic notion
of our merchandise mix triggered the thought of developing our own collection of assorted outfits, inspired by the customized approach cherished by our customers. The novelty element of the AMMA label is based on the perception of a new sensibility which advances the idea of the global state of culture but in uncluttered forms and less decorative elements.


The principles in the design of our ranges are imbued with the contemporary notion of cross-cultural exchanges. Mental and physical travelling underscores the spirit of the fashion label because travels are used as a compass in our design orientation. The contemporary element is intertwined with a minimalist design attitude which is characterized by abstraction and a mannered timelessness in sharp contrast to the pseudo-modern notion of fast and expendable fashion devoid of meaning. This intended design attitude is also reflected in the subdued design approach of the collections thus welcoming initiated fashion customers to acknowledge this personalized aesthetic.


Production follows a sustainable model as we manufacture in a close knit collaborative scheme of small scale garment workshops which share with us the same sustainability principles. Hand-made details in our garments feature on a regular basis as well as our rigorous quality standards make sure that our production methods make the garments durable for years of wear. Fabrics’ sourcing also adheres to a similar pattern as we search and buy from textile mills which demonstrate environmental sensitivities. Our clothing ranges are market tested for their fit as we like to assure our customers of our sincere intentions. We do not wish to make a soulless sale as we would like our customers to buy responsibly and acknowledge the human endeavor of garment manufacturing.